Vegan IKEA food haul!

I recently visited IKEA purely with the intention of buying home-wear, however I somehow found myself leaving with a bag full of food as well as flatpack! Considering they are famous for meatballs and hotdogs, I was surprised to find that they stocked a fair amount of vegan bits in their food market! I haven't yet tried all of the things I bought, but I thought I'd just share what I picked up. Let me know if you've tried any of these before!

First up, from the freezer section I picked up 2 packs of their potato rosti, I love these with breakfast but lots of supermarket rosti contain egg unfortunately. These ones from IKEA are large and flat like pancakes, different from the rosti I have had before but delicious! Whilst in the freezer section I also picked up some vegan meatballs! Yes, IKEA's famous meatballs are now available in a meatless version! They are full of veggies rather than imitating meat texture, which I love! They are definitely a great thing to have in the freezer for creating quick and tasty meals. I've cooked them here with a simple tomato sauce and some spaghetti.

IKEA also stocked oat-ly oat drink in three different flavours! I picked up chocolate and original. The chocolate is just delicious and the original is great for tea and coffee or in smoothies as well.

The next thing I picked up was 'KEX' biscuits which are just plain digestive style biscuits that come in cute letter shapes, perfect for dunking in tea.

Lastly, I bought two sachets of grains, one with porcine mushrooms and spices, and one with wild garlic, lemon, jalapeño and lingon berry. I haven't tried these yet but I think they'd make a good side dish or quick lunch. IKEA stocked these in a variety of flavours but these two were the ones that caught my eye.

I hope this was helpful for some people!


(Quick disclaimer- while these products didn't list any dairy in their ingredients lists, apart from the oat-ly they were not labelled as vegan)

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