5 Places To Eat Vegan In Edinburgh

I haven't posted for a while as I've been away in Edinburgh for the Fringe festival which is a yearly, month long arts festival of music, comedy and theatre. While I was away I got to see what vegan food Edinburgh had to offer and it didn't disappoint! So today I'm going to share 5 places I visited whilst in Edinburgh to eat.

1. Nova pizza

This tiny Italian restaurant located in New Town has undoubtedly the biggest selection of vegan Italian food I have ever come across, their menu has pages and pages of pasta, pizza, calzone and deserts. For the first time in a long time I was overwhelmed by choice, so me and my friend decided to share so we could try more things. To start we shared a cheesy garlic focaccia bread which was amazing! It was very garlicky which I was very happy about. For mains we shared a four cheese mushroom pasta and a four seasons pizza which was topped with artichoke, pepperoni, ham and mushroom. Both these dishes were delicious! If you'd asked me without already knowing, there's no way I would have thought these dishes were vegan! For desert we got to share an Oreo cheese cake and a creme brûlée. My favourite was the Oreo cheesecake which was amazing. The portions here aren't small but they were happy to box up are leftovers to take home. I would highly recommend trying this place out if you find yourself in Edinburgh.

2. The Lucky Pig @ Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms is a quirky bar just by Edinburgh University that serves 'sole food'. The decor is crazy, but adds to its charm. The menu was almost all vegan, they had all manner of junk food from burgers and hot dogs to macaroni cheese and nachos. I got the lucky dawg and it was excellent. I also got to try the mac and cheese which was a great dish but my favourite thing I ate here had to be the buffalo cauliflower which was sticky cauliflower with a garlicky dipping sauce and was delicious!

3. Daylight Robbery

Daylight robbery is not a veggie restaurant, but has lots of great vegan options so it's a good choice if you're trying to please a few different people. I had the vegetable gratin with crusted portobello mushroom whilst my friends ordered jackfruit burgers. We shared some cauliflower bites and sweet potato fries with a garlic sauce. This is a great little restaurant and bar which is definitely worth a visit. Daylight robbery is also a bit out of the way of most of the festival madness so it wasn't too hard to get a table!

4. Love Crumbs 
Tea, coffee, snacks and cake! This cute little cafe near to Grassmarket is full of charm. They have a small menu with a range of snack sized bites and lots of delicious cakes. I had crushed peas with garlic and seeds on toast which i ate perched at a old piano serving at a table. This was delicious! I also had an amazing vegan chocolate and raspberry cake and a coffee. The food is simple but still amazing, definitely a great place to go on a rainy day. It might also be worth mentioning that theres a great little vintage clothes shop just next door.

5. Hendersons vegan restaurant

Lastly, and not to be confused with Henderson's salad bowl on thistle street (a lovely canteen style vegan/veggie cafe), is Henderson's vegan restaurant which is tucked just around the corner. A small and cosy restaurant with an exclusively vegan menu, Henderson's is a great place for an evening meal. For starters we had a sharing board which came with bread, salad, olives and a few different dips including hummus and cream cheese! I had teriyaki tofu for a main course which was delicious and also shared a cappuccino cheese cake for dessert. Henderson's has a range of different flavoured vegan cheesecakes that are definitely worth trying!

There are many other great vegan places to eat in Edinburgh but if I was to write about them all this post would be very long but I hope this post has been helpful for anyone planing a visit to Edinburgh!


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